Equity & Body language




Equity in the world of work means that your employees have the opportunity to develop themselves and their potential in the best possible way. In case you wonder why I use the term equity instead of equality, you can read about it here.

You benefit if you commit to a focused approach on equity:

  • You will receive more (unsolicited) applications

  • More women can imagine a career with you

  • Your teams are more diverse and therefore more efficient and creative

  • You run less risk of falling into the trap of well-intentioned, but incomprehensible measures

  • Family and career are realistically compatible for everyone

  • You will be sensitized for possible understanding problems and conflicts

  • Your work structures are modern and competitive

  • You are an attractive employer for Generations Y and Z

  • You generate more sales in the long term


Body language

Body language has become a well-known instrument for personal development and more effective, lively communication. What most people don't know: Body language is also an effective tool for initiating and accompanying change.

You will achieve these goals with my workshops on body language:

  • The connection of body and mind guarantees sustainable learning

  • Changes are accompanied in an innovative way

  • There is a high level of acceptance among the participants

  • The topic of equality becomes tangible and tangible

  • (Fixed) structures can be reconsidered

  • The working atmosphere improves noticeably

  • Presentations become livelier and more individual

  • You gain additional insights into the resources and potentials of your team

  • An intensive and joyful teambuilding is possible - without adrenalin



About me

I am driven by the desire to make the world a better place.

At the same time, I know from experience that change will only be sustainable if learning is possible at one's own pace and without dogmas.

And I am convinced that the combination of theoretical and practical input offers a whole range of new options for people personally and for corporate culture.

I design and conduct my seminars according to these principles.

Not sure?

Get to know me.


6 - bullet - checklist:
Equity, gender and corporate culture

In a matter of minutes, this free checklist will give you an impression of the areas in which your company has already done something for gender equity and where there is still potential.

Bonus: I will tell you which two questions you can use as a manager to contribute to equity today.


Free preliminary talk:
By phone or Skype

In a free 20-minute talk, you will find out how my seminars and training courses can help your company or institution to become a more attractive, future - oriented and contemporary employer.

Or how you can personally improve your body language in my workshops, to present more relaxed or lead more effectively.

No time?

My offers fit your timebudget perfectly.

Short and effective: Workshops

Even with little time we can get things moving together:

  • Can you spare half a day? In four hours an initial sensitization for equity or body language is possible.

  • In addition to raising awareness, I spend an entire day developing basic measures or strategies for equity with you and your team. You leave the workshop with concrete strategies for implementation.

  • One or two days are ideal for body language workshops (e.g. teambuilding).

A perfect day: half a day on equity combined with half a day on body language. The ideal combination of practice and theory: It couldn't be more relevant to everyday life.


Sustainable and long - term: Consulting

Between three and fifteen days on the subject of equality will allow, among other things:

  • To work on and implement the topic of diversity and equality in the corporate culture in an intensive, adapted and sustainable manner

  • Train employees to become multipliers

  • Implement measures sustainably through follow up workshops to make sure the organizational culture is really changing the way you intend it to

  • Measure and evaluate long and short-term successes

Long - term support is also worthwhile with body language: for example as a supplement in the training of executives or as an empowerment for women in your company.

You want to know more? See my full offer - spectrum here.

What does this cost?


Under certain circumstances: Nothing!

On some accounts, my services are absolutely free of charge for you:

Workshops on equity are financially supported by various bodies in Germany. Universities and scientific institutes in particular can apply for these grants - but also certain companies. Find out whether you are eligible for funding.


Since I support the fact that both large and medium-sized companies as well as non-profit associations and small businesses want to stride for equity and dialogue at eye level, I work with a staggered price system and offer package prices.

Contact me for a non-binding offer or arrange a free preliminary talk with me.