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"Leaky pipeline"

Women and the career ladder. Sometimes I hear "Women just don't want to have a career with us". In this workshop we will get to the bottom of this statement and look at your corporate culture and career structures. Together we will find out how women can imagine a career in your company again and develop strategies to bring it to life. Because - so much in advance - it is rarely because of "wanting".

Unconcious biases

We all have images and "truths" in our heads. Prejudices are part of our orientation in this world. However, if these prejudices prevent us from hiring the most suitable people, leaving potentials untapped and therefore companies failing to have the success they could have - then we should talk about these images and ensure that we become more aware of our patterns and prejudices. Because only then can we act and lead for the good of all.

Going strong

Career and career planning for women*. We talk about the image of women and careers, identify obstacles and discuss possible solutions.  With inspiring and innovative methods individual strengths and strategies are worked out, so that every woman can leave this workshop empowered and with a personal career plan.

Intersectional approach

Diversity and equity. Equity is often thought of in terms of gender, i.e. equity between women and men. However, there are many other so-called lines of difference in our society, i.e. discrimination structures. These lines of difference are often interwoven and this leads to people being discriminated against intersectionally, which means in several layers. Anyone who has already done something for gender equality in the company can go further with this workshop and approach the dialogue at eye level in the area of diversity. Or get into it right away.




Body language

Proximity and distance

Proximity and distance in teams and groups. Besides entertaining and playful elements, dialogue at eye level, communication among each other, new and old strategies and of course team spirit are topics that can be tackled. Teambuidling without adrenalin - but guaranteed with AHA - effect.


Are your structures (too) hierarchical or do you want more transparency in terms of hierarchy? Would you like to address power in a relaxed way? This workshop shows power structures without judging and opens the space for appreciative dialogue. The special thing about this workshop: the topic of body language creates a new view on hierarchy.


Are there conflicts in your team? Then this workshop offers solutions from the world of body language. Through a change of perspective, the conflict with its patterns of cooperation and communication can be looked at with fresh eyes. The result: sustainable, inspiring, individual and solution-oriented strategies for conflict resolution are emerging.

(Young) Potentials

Body language for (prospective) managers. Leading people is a complex task and not everyone finds it easy right from the start. In this workshop you will learn what leadership means apart from expertise and how to make the most of your potential to achieve what you want. However, this is not about training gestures or manipulation, but rather developing your very personal body language leadership style.

Equity and body language

Speak up

A workshop for women. They talk about empowerment, self- and external perception, closeness and distance, the role in the company and the challenges and strengths of women at work. Many exercises make role relations more tangible and conflicts can be solved.

A similar workshop is also available for men: It´s about us, too : (Young) menr*, Body language and equity.

Consulting and training



Comprehensive implementation of equality for companies and institutions:

  • Analysis of corporate culture
  • Evaluation of the results and preparation of a strategic plan
  • Advice on the implementation of the set goals
  • Training of managers and employees* for the implementation of the set goals

Body language

Consulting and training of
Managers and individuals

Leadership training

Possible focus topics:
Identity, individual presence, power, closeness and distance, respect, presentation, leadership


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