No time?

My offers fit perfectly into your time budget

Short and effective: Workshops

Even with little time we can get things moving together:

  • Can you spare half a day? In four hours an initial sensitization for equity or body language is possible.
  • In addition to raising awareness, I spend an entire day developing basic measures or strategies for equity with you and your team. You leave the workshop with concrete strategies for implementation.
  • One or two days are ideal for body language workshops (e.g. teambuilding).

A perfect day: half a day on equity combined with half a day on body language. The ideal combination of practice and theory: It couldn't be more relevant to everyday life.



Sustainable and long-term: Consulting

Between three and fifteen days on the subject of equality will allow, among other things:

  • To work on and implement the topic of diversity and equality in the corporate culture in an intensive, adapted and sustainable manner
  • Train employees to become multipliers
  • Implement measures sustainably through follow up workshops to make sure the organizational culture is really changing the way you intend it to
  • Measure and evaluate long and short-term successes

Long-term support is also worthwhile with body language: for example as a supplement in the training of executives or as an empowerment for women in your company.


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