About me



Nicole Günther, M.A.

Since 2006 I have been working as a freelance trainer and consultant.

Education and training: Focus on diversity and corporate culture

After completing my magister degree in social anthropology with a focus on migration and identity, I completed further training in the areas of gender, discrimination-sensitive educational work, intersectionality and diversity. One of my core competences is to support different perspectives and diversity and to make them visible in their potential.

As a trained group dynamic with a focus on process management, I will advise you in the area of corporate culture and equality and I always keep an eye on the dynamics of teams and groups.

Connecting body and mind: body language

IIn addition to my scientific qualifications, my experience has shown that learning in many areas is more sustainable when both mind and body are involved.

Often the successful implementation of new structures goes hand in hand with changes in non-verbal communication. And that is why these processes can be effectively stimulated and supported with body language elements.

Also the sole focus on body language in workshops is an effective means to strengthen people, to promote team spirit and to be able to face conflicts with possible new solutions.

To provide you with this learning experience, I have specifically invested in the study of body language in many of its facets and am also a certified body therapist.

Currently I am certified by Paul Ekman ("Lie to me") in Manchester with a diploma in "Behavioural Analysis and Investigative Interviewing" and and are trained in Berlin in "Transformative Body Psychotherapy".

Valuable wealth of experience: my international orientation

I have international and work experience in Switzerland, Malaysia, Georgia, China, Romania, Ukraine, Vietnam, New Zealand, Australia and Poland. And of course in Germany.

I work in German and English.

Together towards a better future

I am your committed, flexible and inspiring partner in the areas of equity and body language. Together we will make progress.

Let's get started. Today.

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